Celebrity Big Brother winner David Potts spills the tea on hilarious unaired rule break moment

Celebrity Big Brother winner David Potts has revealed two moments from the series that never made it to air. 

Potts became the first star to win the ITV reboot of the classic reality show last month, thanks to his effervescent personality, his bond with his fellow housemates, and, of course, his ever-shaven legs.

While the new series kept fans entertained for three weeks, Potts has exclusively told PinkNews about two moments that didn’t make the final cut, but had the housemates “p*ssing” themselves with laughter.

“There was one bit when there was the rule break and [Big Brother] was like: ‘The rule break has been by Louis [Walsh] then there was a pause, and Sharon [Osbourne] thought it was gonna be her,” Potts said.

“She was hidden behind like a little scarf, and she just came out from the scarf and shouted to Big Brother: ‘Smack my bottom!’ It was so funny, we [were] all p*ssing ourselves.”

Sharon Osbourne had David Potts in fits of laughter in an unseen Celebrity Big Brother moment. (Getty/Mike Marsland)

There was another moment, too, which Potts was surprised to learn had been left on the cutting-room floor. In the first face-to-face nomination segment of the series, things got a little heated between Guys and Dolls star Marisha Wallace and Love Island winner Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu. 

Apparently, Strictly Come Dancing professional Nikita Kuzmin couldn’t take the tension, and tried end the argument.

“Nikita, bless him, Nikita is so pure and he’s got such a gorgeous soul and he’s just a gorgeous person. He doesn’t like confrontation, so he started panicking a little bit,” Potts revealed.

“He just grabbed his microphone and was like, ‘Big Brother! I seriously need you to come and take control of this situation, it’s is getting out of hand’.”

Potts’ reaction to Kuzmin’s panic might be the reason that the clip got cut, too “I was screaming, I was like, ‘That is so funny’, because [as] I said, he doesn’t like confrontation. But [wasn’t] even bad.

“They probably couldn’t show it because I was screaming that loud.”

In addition to spilling on the Celebrity Big Brother scenes we didn’t get to see, Potts also gave PinkNews a little tease of what’s to come on his new podcast, The David Potts Show, the first episode of which is streaming now.

“It’s basically a parody of daytime TV but on a podcast. Parody vibes but very loving, very fun,” he explained.

The podcast will feature different typical daytime-TV-style segments, including a “Doctor David” piece, and a section where celebrities will be interviewed and “plug, plug, plug” their latest projects.

“Then we’ve got Good Moaning Britain, where people can ring in and have a good moan, because who doesn’t love a moan? Everyone loves moaning,” Potts continued.

“We’ve got a Loose Women segment as well, where women might ring in with different problems that they’ve had. It could be any kind of problem: anything sexual, from a night out, anything cringey. I’m really excited about it. I’m so happy with it.”

Potts also had a few ideas when it comes to the guests he’d like to have on the show. “I’d have to have Kris Jenner, I’m obsessed with Kris Jenner… maybe Nicki Minaj as well,” he said. “And maybe someone sexy like Anthony Joshua.”

“Wait, RuPaul. I’d love to get RuPaul on, or Michelle [Visage]. I’m such a big Drag Race fan.”

New episodes of The David Potts Show drop on streaming services every Wednesday.