Ford defends gay advertising

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Ford Motor Company’s Vice President has defended the carmakers’ advertising policy.

Al Giombetti reacted to calls from the American Family Association for a boycott because the manufacturer advertised in gay publications.

He said in an email to dealers that the organisation advertises to all groups including gay, religious and ethnic communities, “We buy advertising to put Ford’s message in front of as many customers as possible.”

He insisted the ads are “not crafted to endorse or promote anyone’s point of view but our own.”

“Our best response is to listen to every customer, correct any misinformation, and ask them to support Ford.”

Ford constantly faces boycotts and condemnation from the American Family Association, an anti gay group, for its support of gay issues.

Recently it called for a boycott because of support of a gay pride event in Detroit.

Cisco Codina, Ford’s marketing vice president, said: “The Ford Motor Company Fund is a charity. It has a community agenda, not a political one, and it supports causes and people from all walks of life.

“In all areas, the fund, like the company, puts a priority on the support and development of organisations that promote diversity and inclusion.”