Getting Married anyway – Pope’s words fall on deaf ears

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

As the Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the Family Conference in Valencia continues, marriages between gay couples are continuing with joy and enthusiasm.

Both Jose Francisco Lamo and Luisa Notario married their long term partners in civil ceremonies in the city, as the Pope’s visit and anti-gay marriage statements continue.

Although the Pope has called gay marriage an “anarchic freedom” and has insisted that heterosexual marriage is the only acceptable form of partnership according to the Catholic church, his rhetoric is not having much affect on loyal couples, wishing to pledge their lives to one another.

“We want to make people understand that according to human nature it is a man and a woman who are made for each other,” the Pope told reporters.

“We have families that love each other, who are happy, we want to stress this reality.” he said.

“Let’s shine a light on these positive things so we can try to make people understand why the Church cannot accept certain things but at the same time wants to respect people and help them.”

“two families have been founded here,” said a spokesperson for the Lambda gay association, commenting on the nuptials of Mr Lamo and Mr Notario, “though they may not please the Pope!”