Writing on the wall for WorldPride

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In a further addition to the saga that has characterised the lead up to WorldPride in Jerusalem, pro-pride graffiti has been seen on walls around the city.

“Free Jerusalem” and “God is on our side” feature on walls in the holy city.

The writing on the wall comes after a recent poster campaign by opponents of WorldPride offering a reward for anyone who kills “one of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah” and is a response to the relentless attempts of the “unholy” alliance of Orthodox Jews, Christians and Muslims to cancel WorldPride.

Graffiti on walls in Jerusalem frequently express political opinions and are often used as the forum for opposing groups to argue in an offensive, albeit non-violent manner.

Earlier this week Hagai El-Ad, the executive director of the Jerusalem Open House which is organising the event said “Jerusalem is a very powerful international symbol…that has been hijacked and is being abused by religious leaders that proclaim to have a monopoly over the interpretation of what Jerusalem is about.

“It’s very cynical of them on the one hand to be inciting violence and on the other to be talking about Jerusalem’s holiness.”

Referring to the rumours about the march being moved from Jerusalem spokesperson Cathy Renna told PinkNews, “It would be an astonishing setback for freedom of speech if the police opts to surrender in advance in the face of violent threats. I have faith in Israeli democracy.”

WorldPride runs from 6-12 August.

Writing on the wall for WorldPride

Graffiti artists express support for Jerusalem WorldPride on the streets of the Holy City

Writing on the wall for WorldPride