Gay film festival rejects Israeli sponsorship

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The repercussions of the conflict in the Middle East are well documented, but one unexpected consequence emerged this week when the Irish Film Institute (IFI) cancelled sponsorship from the Israeli Embassy at the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

The IFI is screening Walk on Water today, a film about a Mossad agent who befriends the gay son of a former Nazi officer who he is searching for.

IFI Director Mark Mulqueen, informed the Israeli Embassy in Ireland earlier this week said he didn’t want the film to be associated with the current crisis, the statement read, “The decision is taken in light of the current activities of the Israeli government and prompted by the performance of your Ambassador in explaining these acts to the Irish public.

“It is important for us to separate the screening of an Israeli feature film from activities of the Israeli government. In allowing the screening to go ahead, this is not an act of artistic censorship, something we would be loath to do.”

The Irish Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is on until the 7th August 2006 in Dublin.