Trans gynaecologist returns to work

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A gynaecologist who underwent gender reassignment surgery in January has returned to work today feeling like a new woman.

Celia Macleod, worked at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn Norfolk since 1982 as Colin Bone.

The 60-year old was previously known for her bow tie collection, which will now be auctioned to raise money for the hospital.

Her £50,000 medical treatment which includes hormones, laser hair removal and voice coaching, has been supported by her wife of 35 years, Gloria, and 28-year-old son, Alan, the BBC reports.

She said: “I hope my patients recognise that it doesn’t matter whether I am wearing a suit and a bow tie or a skirt and a blouse.

She hoped her experiences will help others in similar situations, “With gender dysphoria young people will kill themselves sometimes because of the difficulties in facing who they are and if there is anything about me being seen in the public eye, perhaps a young person can know that there is a way forward, then that is really good.”