Israeli Embassy pink with gay pride

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The Israeli Embassy in Paris has been dubbed “the pink embassy” by Foreign Ministry officials.

The nickname was awarded to the embassy after it was revealed that two of its employees are in same-sex relationships and are recognised as ‘married’ couples by the Foreign Ministry.

Perhaps surprisingly, the Israeli Foreign Ministry is considered one of the most developed ministries in the world in terms of its attitude towards diplomats who are recognised as gays and lesbians.

“I really appreciate the openness of the Israeli Foreign Ministry,” said Danish Ambassador to Israel Carsten Damsgaard, who arrived in Israel with his partner to whom he is legally married for 15 years.

“If I judge by the way we were received over here, and we’ve been here for three years, I can say that Israeli society is very open.”

A “few dozen” other gay couples also work for the office, according to YNetNews, although they haven’t yet asked for official recognition by their employers. Ten couples comprising diplomats who live with their partners are so far officially recognised by the Foreign Ministry,

The ruling gives the couples the same rights as heterosexuals – a diplomatic passport, medical insurance, vacation in the country, allocation of funds for an apartment for a couple instead of for singles, the right to work for overseas delegations and the same salary benefits that are granted to married couples.