Queer women campaign for better healthcare

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A lesbian, bisexual and transgender health group is looking for Scottish women to talk about sex.

Queer Women’s Action (QWA) is organising a weekend seminar in Pilochry for women from all over Scotland to come and share their experiences of healthcare in the country.

The group claims that healthcare for lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women in Scotland is marginalised and underfunded, a spokeswoman for QWA said: “We’re tired of going to see a GP for a routine appointment and having to explain to the doctor that ‘yes I’m sexually active’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘having sex with men’.

“We’re sick of having to justify our personal lives in order to get medical advice. We want health services in Scotland to recognise that their patients include women of all sexual orientations.”

QWA plan a residential weekend for women to talk about the “Questions Worth Asking” — access to IVF treatment? – health risks from taking oestrogen long-term? — what’s ‘safer sex’ got to do with us? — do we have anything left to complain about?

The event takes place between the 1st-3rd December 2006.