Hollywood goes gay again. Well lesbian, in fact.

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After the success of Brokeback Mountain, Hollywood is going gay again – but this time with two female leads.

Heart throb actresses Lindsay Lohan and Keira Knightley are gearing up to play women with who are sexually attracted to each other in a film about Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.

Lohan is thrilled about working with Knightley on the project. “(Keira) is older than me, but she kind of has a mysterious relationship with my lover,” Lohan told MTV News. “And there’s somewhat of a lesbian undertone.”

The film is reported to be about Thomas and his wife Caitlin, and include a violent real-life scene in which their house is shot at with a machine gun and a hand grenade thrown at them. Audiences will be witness to events leading up to the shooting and it’s effect on the Thomas family.

“The pairing of Keira Knightley and Lindsay Lohan in this project should hopefully deliver a classy and interesting piece of cinema”, said a spokesperson for TLA Releasing, one of the UK’s leading distributors of gay and lesbian products. “The increased visibility of gay and lesbian characters in the mainstream media since the release of Brokeback Mountain and TLA Releasing’s own roster of titles can only be a good thing.

“The key, as far as the portrayal of gays and lesbians in cinema is concerned, is that stereotypes are not pandered to and that the stories themselves are credible and entertaining. As long as this is the case then the only real question should be whether or not the actors concerned are good at what they do.”

The screenplay for the movie was written by Knightley’s mother, Sharman MacDonald.