8 differences between Mean Girls 2004 and 2024

Both Mean Girls movies have their own quirks. (Paramount Pictures/Getty)

The new Mean Girls movie finally hits cinemas in the UK today, giving the iconic 2004 comedy a Gen Z glow-up.

Warning: This article contains spoilers.

While the 2024 release still includes all our favourite characters — played by a mostly brand new cast (which was meant to include none other than Harry Styles) — and some iconic movie quotes (“You go Glenn Coco!”), the new movie has separated itself with some pretty big cultural differences. 

With the introduction of social media, iPhones, TikTok filters, and differing storylines, the new movie is full of hidden Easter eggs and celebrity cameos (Megan Thee Stallion, and of course, Mean Girls legend, Lindsay Lohan). Aside from the new movie being a musical, here are seven differences between the 2004 and 2024 movies.

1. Cady decides to move from Africa to the US

In the original Mean Girls movie, it’s Cady’s parents who decide to leave their research in Africa to continue in the US. But, you guessed it, in the new movie it’s Cady who makes the big decision to move from the only life she’s ever known to start public school in America.

2. Who has a landline, these days?

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    The new Mean Girls movie might be missing the iconic four-way phone call scene because, well, who uses a landline anymore? But what the new film lacks in Regina’s “boo, you wh*re” moment, it makes up for with plenty of texting. Whilst they’re all in the same room, of course.

    The new musical is missing the iconic four-way phone call scene. (Paramount Pictures)

    3. Gretchen’s secrets are caught on video

    Fans of the original movie will recall Gretchen having finally “cracked”, revealing all of Regina’s secrets to Cady. In the new movie, Gretchen faces the same fate. Only, all her secrets entrusted to her by her friends including how Regina is cheating on Aaron with Shane Oman — are caught on camera. Yep, she’s got receipts.

    4. Regina’s style mishap goes viral online

      Remember in the original movie when Janis cut Regina’s T-shirt and she made the visible bra a trend? Well, in the newest movie, Regina accidentally revives the wet-look eye makeup trend. And the style mishap goes so viral that it becomes a TikTok filter, of course.

      Regina's style mishap goes viral online in the new movie. (Paramount Pictures)
      Regina’s style mishap goes viral online in the new movie. (Paramount Pictures)

        5. Damien performs a new solo at the Talent Show

        Damien is still as iconic in the first Mean Girls movie as in the second. During the Winter Talent Show, Janis’ best friend takes to the stage to sing Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. But now, the star hilariously sings a slowed-down French rendition of the iCarly theme tune. He ate, and no crumbs were left. 

        6. Regina’s mum trades in her video camera

          During the plastic’s iconic Jingle Bell Rock performance, Regina’s mum cheers the girls on from the audience and films them on her trusty camcorder. In the newest movie, she trades in the older piece of tech for an iPhone and ring light, obviously.

          Regina's mum doesn't need a camcorder, anymore. (Paramount Pictures)
          Regina’s mum doesn’t need a camcorder, anymore. (Paramount Pictures)

          7. Ms Norbury and Principal Duvall end up together

          The scene where all the girls are taken into the gymnasium to talk out their issues happens once again in the new movie. But in one plot twist we never saw coming, it’s revealed that Ms Norbury and Principal Duvall are actually together, and even share a fur baby. We’re obsessed.

          8. Janis is finally a ‘loud and proud’ lesbian

          One of the biggest changes is that Janis Ian is an out-and-proud lesbian from the get-go. In the original movie, Janis never confirms her sexual orientation. The lesbian rumour that Regina starts instead sets up one of the film’s most iconic and underrated jokes in the film. But in the new film, Janis owns her sexuality in the best way.

            Mean Girls is out now in UK cinemas.