Trans doctor ‘suggested prostitution’ to fund sex change

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One of the UK’s top gender identity psychiatrists advised a patient to enter prostitution to fund a sex change, a tribunal heard today.

The General Medical Council is currently hearing accusations that Dr Russell Reid behaved inappropriately towards transgender patients and prescribed sex-change treatment for some too quickly between 1984 and 2003.

He allegedly told one patient that he should fund his gender transition by becoming an escort, the inquiry heard.

The case relates to claims from five former patients. Dr Reid denied advising Patient E to do escort work and rebutted claims that he rushed other patients into surgery.

Barrister Richard Tyson, who is acting on behalf of all the complainants told the hearing that one patient was rushed into taking hormones despite only deciding on a gender transition after watching a television programmes.

He denies the charge of misconduct. He claims to have given full consideration to the industry guidelines as part of a thorough assessment of each patient’s needs, but that inflexible guidelines were not in the best interest of some patients.

The GMC disciplinary hearing continues.