Christians and Muslims unite against Scottish gays

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The Scottish branch of radical religious party the Christian Peoples’ Alliance has turned to the Muslim community for help in battling “secular values” and pro-gay laws.

The party has garnered over 1,000 signatures from Muslims who are against incoming laws which would allow gay couples to adopt.

Ahead of next year’s elections to the Scottish Parliament, the CPA is gathering members to stand for the polls and to oppose gay policies such as teaching about homosexuality in schools.

Even Muslim candidates have backed the party’s stance, Abdul Dean, who will stand at the next election for the CPA, told Scotland on Sunday “A lot of Muslims have asked me why I am standing. My answer is simple: the CPA is the only political party that is based on values, rather than ideology.”

He claims to have the support of around 30,000 Muslims.

The stance echoes the CPA in England which has called for a “conscience clause” in the new Sexual Orientation Regulations due next April.