Gay unions “deep crisis” for society

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The Pope has yet again launched an attack on the gay community by claiming that moral values in society are fading away because of gay marriage, divorce and abortion.

Addressing a Swiss delegation, there was nothing neutral about the pontiff’s stance as he described marriage and the family structure as being in “deep crisis” because of divorce, abortion and the prospect of same sex unions.

Benedict XVI said, according to the Associated Press it is as if God doesn’t exist, “Many of our contemporaries live as if God doesn’t exist.

“I am thinking in particular of the deep crisis of the institution of marriage and of the family, of the growing number of divorces, of numerous abortions and of the possibility of unions between people of the same sex.”

Gay campaigners have recently grown more disgusted with the Pope’s repetitive remarks against the gay community. Speaking after Benedict’s last tirade in Spain, GALHA spokesperson George Broadhead said: “The Vatican’s obsession with gay marriage is damaging not only to gay people but to the Catholic Church itself. Latest figures show an accelerating decline in membership of the Church across Europe.

“The Pope’s continuous stream of hateful pronouncements about gays is driving decent people away.”