Barker faces party snub over alleged gay affair

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A Conservative spokesman who’s marriage ended allegedly because of a gay affair may be deselected, according to reports.

Environment spokesperson, Greg Barker, split from his wife Celeste earlier this year, telling his local party that there was no-one else involved, but reports recently claimed that he had been having an affair with an interior designer.

The Blexhill and Battle MP’s local party have now accused him of lying and some are considering asking him to step down at the next election.

A local party member told the Daily Mail, “Many members of the association feel they have been lied to after the announcement that he was leaving his wife. The view is that he has been disingenuous.

“We were told that he was leaving his wife and it was amicable. We were also told there was not another woman involved.

“What we were not told is that he was leaving his wife in favour of his male interior designer. We feel that he has abused his position.

“What he has to remember is that he will have to be adopted for the next election and this might now be a serious problem for him.

“At present there are a number of people who will oppose his adoption and feel he has misled the association.

“There are other people who feel that he has not been honest and must go for that reason alone.”

Mr Barker, a close ally of Tory leader David Cameron, has confirmed that he has separated from Celeste after 14 years of marriage, but says the rest is a private matter, a statement backed by his party.