Democrats seek more gay candidates

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Howard Dean said the Democratic Party must work toward getting gay and minority leaders on the ballot.

“We’ve got to share power, not just responsibility, from now on,” Dean told a crowd of about 200 at the International Gay Lesbian Leadership Conference last weekend, an annual gathering of gay public officials.

According to the Associated Press, Dean, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said little about gay-specific issues like same-sex marriage and instead addressed broader Democratic agendas like raising the minimum wage.

Flush from big Democratic gains in last week’s elections, Dean emphasised that the new Democratic Party reaches out to all citizens out of respect, even those less likely to vote for them.

He called it the new “50 state” strategy and pointed toward Democrats sweeping judicial races in Dallas County-bringing an abrupt end to two decades of GOP domination — as a sign the plan can work.

Democrats’ downfall, he said, had been its acceptance to represent half of the


“We’ve got to take the attitude: Everyone’s our boss,” Dean said.

In other news, Dean is scheduled to deliver another keynote speech to Canada’s opposition Liberal Party later this month, but some of the party’s leaders have criticised the idea of a failed presidential candidate telling Canadians how to win elections.

“I as a Canadian am appalled to have an American loser address a keynote convention that will choose Canada’s next prime minister,” said Ray Heard, former communications director of Canada’s Liberal Party, reports the Boston Globe.

The former Vermont governor lost his bid for the 2004 Democratic nomination to Massachusetts Senator John Kerry.

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