Gays gather in London to learn about their legal rights

Around 70 people attended a special free event in London last night designed to inform gay, lesbian and bisexual people of their rights.

Pink Law – Know Your Rights At Home, At Work At Play was organised by award-winning solicitors Russell Jones Walker and sponsored by

Ben Summerskill, chief executive of gay equality organisation Stonewall, opened proceedings with a short speech outlining how some of the LGB community’s new rights were secured.

Then a panel of legal experts examined a whole range of topics, from how to take action against discrimination at work to adoption and surrogacy issues to whether it is still legal to advertise for gay-only housemates.

Arpita Dutt from Russell Jones Walker spoke about employment tribunals and sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace, explaining the procedure and pointing to some of the recent successful cases.

Representatives from the Department of Communities and Local Government discussed some of the aspects of the Sexual Orientation Regulations, which came into force on 30th April, covering everything from lesbian football teams to religious exemptions from the rules.

Jeremy Abraham from RJW used his considerable expertise to explain the complex area of civil partnerships, explaining everything from tax and immigration issues to the grounds for dissolution.

Solicitors and partners from Russell Jones Walker were on hand before and after the short seminar to discuss any questions have over an informal drink.

“It was a highly informative session and we are proud to have sponsored it,” said Tony Grew, editor of

“Even for people who think they know all there is to know about civil partnerships or the new Sexual Orientation Regulations, there were some surprises.”

Pink Law – Know Your Rights At Home, At Work At Play was a free event and as a result of its success more are being considered in other cities.

However, if you are currently experiencing discrimination at work, and want some advice now on what to do, a free and confidential online service called EqualityXpress may assist you.

Visit Russell Jones Walker and click on the EqualityXpress link, fill in a few simple questions and a qualified solicitor will contact you to give you their legal opinion.