Memorial to hate crimes victims launched

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A gay group in the United States of America is planning a memorial that will commemorate LGBT people murdered because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The scheme has the support of many public figures, including Democrat US Representative Barney Frank and novelist Chris Rice.

The Gay American Heroes foundation aims to inform the public about hate crimes against LGBT people and inspire greater appreciation and acceptance of diversity.

Plans exist for a travelling multi-dimensional memorial to be displayed at college campuses, gay pride events and communities across the United States.

It will consist of rainbow coloured panels which are decorated with the names, faces and stories of victims. Educational information will be distributed at the events and will also be available from

their website.

Scott Hall, founder and president, decided to pursue the project after hearing about the homophobic murder of Ryan Skipper, who was killed in Florida in March.

According to, Hall said: “We want to reach out to communities as soon as possible following a deadly anti-gay hate crime.

“We want to support the family and friends of the victim, as well as to work with local officials, law enforcement and service organizations to provide counselling and outreach.”

The exhibition is due to be completed by December 2007 and there are hopes for a permanent memorial to be built in Washington, D.C.