Britney Spears lesbian allegations denied

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Britney Spears’ former assistant Shannon Funk has rebuked press reports she had a lesbian fling with the troubled pop star.

The US edition of Ok! magazine last week published photos of Spears, 25, and Funk, 21, skinny dipping together in a swimming pool, with Funk cuddling and kissing Spears on the cheek. quoted Spears’ friend as saying: “Britney did get raunchy with the guys, but that was nothing compared to what she did with Shannon. Even though the hunks were hot, Britney made a beeline to cavort with Shannon. She seemed insatiable.

“Shannon’s been a great pal to Britney through very tough times. It was inevitable they’d end up very close, but no-one knew just how close.”

Funk was fired by Spears last month after only a month’s employment.

She was assisting Spears during her disastrous photo shoot and interview with Ok!, which resulted in the singer storming off with over $15,000 of designer clothes and jewellery.

Despite the suggestive photos, Funk insists she and Spears had a platonic working relationship and were only messing around for the cameras. quotes Funk saying, “Britney needs constant reassurance of someone’s affection and is very touchy-feely, even if she likes someone. Brit loves the attention that comes from flirting.”

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