Conservative Party advertises on

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The Conservative Party has taken further steps towards engaging with the gay community by today advertising with, the community’s leading news provider.

The advertisements feature party leader David Cameron alongside a series of messages on a variety of campaign issues.

The advertisements on are believed to be the party’s first political advertising campaign in the gay media.

In an editorial to be published later today, Editor Tony Grew will say:

“We are aware that some of our readers will be angered that has decided to take adverts from a political party.

“We can only stress that we look forward to the day when all the parties see the value of advertising on our site and the unique access to the smart gay and lesbian readers that frequent the site.

“We will never endorse a political party or try to tell our readers how to vote. By the same token, if advertisers, from retailers to charities to pressure groups to political parties want to reach our readers, we will make a judgement on their product and decide whether or not to let them on our site. “

In 2005, endorsed David Cameron as the best candidate for Leader of the Conservative Party for the advancement of gay rights.

In 2006, Conservative Party Chairman Francis Maude told that the party’s attitude to gay rights in the 1980s was immoral.

In 2007, conducted interviews with every candidate for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

In 2007, Gordon Brown engaged for the first time with the gay press in an indepth question and answer session with readers.

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