London host to celebration of open relationships

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A celebration of open and polyamorous relationships will be held later this month.

Polyday will combine a day of discussions and an evening of music and dancing, giving attendees an opportunity to “meet others, to build a community, and to celebrate their varied lives.”

Last year the event attracted more than 250 participants. It aims to demonstrate that “relationships don’t have to be monogamous.”

“We’re seeing an increasing understanding, in the media and among the public, that monogamy is not the only way to be together,” said organiser Paul Crowley.

“But when we talk about these relationships openly we still have to be prepared for the wrong sort of reaction.

“I’m looking forward to a day where I can relax in the bar, socialise with like-minded people, and know that I’m understood.”

The event says it welcomes “the threesome who have all pledged fidelity to each other, to the gay couple who go cruising together, to the swingers eager to talk to new people about the

benefits and challenges of their lifestyle, many people throughout the UK and elsewhere are exploring alternatives to monogamy.”

Polyday will be held on Saturday the 22nd of September at the “Doggett’s Coat and Badge” pub on the southern end of Blackfriars Bridge, London SE1 9UD.

On their website, the organisers apologised that the event will clash with the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.