Nicholas Galitzine would ‘jump at’ a reunion show with The Idea of You’s August Moon bandmates

The actor hasn't ruled out a reunion. (Amazon Prime Video)

Fangirls have won because Nicholas Galitzine has said he would “jump at” reuniting with his August Moon bandmates from The Idea of You.

The British actor coaxed a president in Red, White & Royal Blue and seduced a king in Mary & George, but in new film The Idea of You, actor Nicholas Galitzine is moving towards the former Princess of Genovia, Anne Hathaway.

The 29-year-old plays Hayes Campbell in the Amazon Prime Video film, the lead singer of ridiculously good-looking boyband August Moon. The Princess Diaries star Hathaway, however, plays middle-aged mother Solène Marchand. The pair meet at Coachella where Campbell and August Moon are headlining, and the rest is history.

Now, in a new interview, Galitzine said he hasn’t ruled out reviving his Harry Styles-type persona for a performance outside of the film. 

Speaking to Backstage Magazine, the actor noted that with his bandmates’ lack of vocal skills and his questionable dance moves, the odds would be stacked “a little bit against” them – but it’s not impossible.

“My boys don’t sing, and I don’t dance very well…That said, it isn’t a definite no. Any opportunity to hang out with the lads again, I’d jump at it,” he told the outlet. We just know Coachella would snatch them up.

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August Moon’s potential reunion wouldn’t be the first on-screen group to take their show to the stage. The cast of Ryan Murphy’s series Glee took their show choir covers and original songs to the US, UK and Ireland for the 2010-2011 tour Glee Live! In Concert!

Meanwhile, Original High School Musical cast members (except Zac Efron, who was filming Hairspray at the time) also gathered in 2006-2007 for High School Musical The Concert in the US, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico.

Elsewhere in the interview, the actor addressed the constant comparisons between his character and One Direction’s Styles. August Moon’s songs in the film were really written by One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” songwriters Savan Kotecha and Carl Falk. Coincidence?

“I know a lot of people want to make the comparison,” he said. “I mean, Hayes just felt very unique in his own way and is very much the foil to Annie’s Solène. It is very much her story.”