Three months in prison for homophobic abuse

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An Essex businessman has been sentenced to three months in prison after drunkenly threatening and shouting homophobic abuse at his neighbours.

43-year-old asbestos contractor Stuart Makemson of Twelve Acres, Braintree, brandished a snooker cue at Andrew Morrison saying: “I’m going to take that nose off your face with this.”

Mr Morrison and his wife had been woken earlier by Mr Makemson verbally abusing their gay son and his boyfriend, reported the Essex Chronicle.

Jonathan Longman, prosecuting, described how during the incident on April 7th, an intoxicated Makemson stood by his front door shouting homophobic abuse and spitting.

He went on to push Mr Morrison across the chest with the cue.

Mr Makemson has shown no remorse or insight into the effect his homophobic remarks had on his victims and is not willing to address his attitude said magistrates.

Defence lawyer Anna Perera claimed that the incident was not motivated by homophobia, but was a neighbour dispute over alleged damage to his fence.

Despite denying charges, Mr Makemson was convicted of common assault and threatening behaviour.

Ms Perera said her client would be appealing against the length of his sentence, adding that he had an asbestos contract with the Saudi Arabian government and was due to fly there next month with eleven UK staff.

Makemson, who has no previous convictions, was allowed bail pending an appeal.