“Homosexual” baby advertising campaign divides Italians

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An advertising campaign featuring a new born baby with a band on its wrist with the word ‘homosexual’ written on it has caused a row in Tuscany.

The government of the Italian region is poised to display thousands of copies of the poster in public places and municipal offices as part of a campaign against discrimination.

The tagline on the posters – Sexual Orientation Is Not A Choice – has divided gay people, while conservative politicians are outraged that public money has been spent on it at all.

A leading Christian Democrat said the ad campaign is expoitative and misleading.

“Homosexuality is not a vice and hence should not be condemned nor marginalised, or worse still persecuted,” an official from Tuscany region told newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Gay activist group Arcigay congratulated the region on being at the “forefront” but another activist was unhappy.

“(It) is too biology-centric. Of course for a homosexual it is natural to be gay, but I’m not too sure it is determined by genetics,” said MEP Gianni Vattimo, according to AAP.

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