LGBT Labour “furious” at party support for Grell

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Labour’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender society has revealed that it complained about the backing a councillor convicted of homophobic slurs against her opponent received from the party.

In a statement issued shortly after Miranda Grell’s appeal against her conviction for making false allegations of paedophilia against her gay opponent was rejected by Snaresbrook Crown Court, LGBT Labour said they were furious.

“A Labour candidate, Miranda Grell, was willing to use homophobia to get elected,” the society said in a statement.

“Discussing the sexuality of her opponent and spreading innuendo about his relationship was a disgrace and made her unfit for office.

“To also tell lies that he was a paedophile is completely unforgivable and not only affected her opponent’s political career but his personal life too.

“While LGBT Labour has not commented during the trial and appeal, we have been in private contact with senior officers of the Labour party to express our anger at her behaviour and demand that the party treat these allegations very seriously.”

Labour was financially backing Ms Grell’s legal costs for her appeal, but suddenly withdrew that support during the hearing.

Councillor Katie Hanson, Co-chair of LGBT Labour said: “This kind of behaviour has no place in a civilised society and brings both the party and politics in general into disrepute.

“Homophobia is completely at odds with everything the Labour party stands for.

“She has had her chance to defend herself and she has been found guilty.

“Equality is not optional for Labour party members or representatives and all forms of homophobia are unacceptable in our party.

“Following the failure of the appeal there should be immediate action on her membership. There is no place in the Labour party for this kind of bigotry.”