Sex and drug allegations made against dead banker

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A familiar face on CNBC and one of the wealthiest investment bankers in New York City, Seth Tobias was found floating face down in the swimming pool of his Florida mansion by his wife four months ago today.

But now, as details of his estate unfold, The New York Times reports that the 44-year-old Tobias, who had allegedly suffered a heart attack, was living life in the fast lane.

Lurid tales of sex with male go-go dancers and cocaine binges are just a few of the shocking details laid out in the paper’s feature on the banker who fell from grace.

Survived by his wife Filomena, who fished him out of the pool after making a panic stricken call to 911, The Times reports that Mrs Tobias, who argues she’s entitled to a portion of the some $25 million (£12.3m) in his estate, is at the centre of some major mudslinging, including some who’ve gone so far as to accuse murder.

According to Tobias’ brothers, Samuel, Spence, Scott and Joshua, Mrs Tobias drugged her husband and lured him into the pool.

Bill Ash, a former assistant for the couple, claims Mrs. Tobias confessed to him that she tempted him to the pool while he was on a cocaine binge with promises of sex with a male go-go dancer named Tiger.

Though she has yet to be accused of a crime, The Times began to investigate the story when it was revealed Mrs Tobias had spent nearly $10,000 to have the pool cleaned and resurfaced days after her husband’s death.

Further complicating matters is the fact that the will was signed prior to the Tobias’ marriage. As it stands, Mrs Tobias stands to inherit nothing. His brothers are named in the will.

According to The Times, the Tobias’ marriage might have been one of convenience.

According to the article, Tobias was a regular at the West Palm Beach gay club Cupids, where he became involved with “Tiger,” a blond dancer with tiger-like stripe tattoos.

The Tobias had been married just one year at the time of his death.

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