EXCLUSIVE: Elton John backs Paddick’s campaign for Mayor

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The Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London received a boost last night when singer Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish held a fundraising event for him.

The celebrity couple held a dinner for friends in their London home to introduce them to Brian Paddick.

Speaking to PinkNews.co.uk this morning, Mr Paddick said:

“I have been friends with Elton and David for many years and I am so grateful to them for supporting me in this way.

“Elton, David and their friends really engaged with the discussion about how they could support my campaign and what was the best way forward.

“We were very pleased with the way the evening went.”

Mr Paddick previously confirmed to PinkNews.co.uk that he had not received any substantial individual donations to his campaign so far.

At last night’s event potential donors met the candidate at an informal dinner.

He has known the couple for several years and attended a party to celebrate their civil partnership ceremony in 2006.

After dinner, Elton told their 20 guests why he and David were supporting Brian in his campaign to become Mayor.

Mr Paddick told guests how his background ideally qualified him for the job, how he wanted to make London an even greater city and set out some of the policies he was planning to implement as Mayor of London.

Guests discussed at length with Brian and Elton what needed to be done next.

Elton and David reiterated their support at the end of the evening.

The identities of those present has not been revealed.

The Financial Times reports that Mr Paddick’s campaign has set a fundraising target of £150,000.

The £400,000 limit on spending for Mayoral campaigns only applies to the seven week period leading up to polling day on May 1st.

Conservative candidate Boris Johnson has reportedly received 19 substantive donations totalling £243,500.

The FT reports that incumbent Mayor and Labour candidate Ken Livingstone is expected to receive substantial financial support from the trade unions and is also planning some novel fundraising events such as a fish and chips dinner and a quiz night.