Ex-Neighbours star Holly Valance blasts ‘c**p’ left and backs Jacob Rees-Mogg for PM

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 14: Holly Candy aka Holly Valance attends a VIP breakfast celebrating the relaunch of Rebecca Vallance at Harrods on November 14, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images for Rebecca Vallance)

Former Neighbours star Holly Candy, formerly Valance, has blasted the left’s “c**p” ideas and backed Jacob Rees-Mogg for prime minister at the Popular Conservatism launch conference.

The right-wing group was launched at an event held on Tuesday (6 February) in an attempt to restore “democratic accountability,” and saw Liz Truss, the shortest reigning prime minister in UK history, joined by four members of her former cabinet including Jacob Rees-Mogg.

During the launch, Truss remarked that she believed that “the fundamental issue is that for years, and years and years… Conservatives have not taken on the left-wing extremists,” which she said included “environmentalists” and those “in favour of supporting LGBT people or groups of ethnic minorities.”

Holly Valance, who played Felicity Scully on Neighbours from 1999-2002 before launching a pop career with hits such as “Kiss Kiss”, applauded the speakers at the Popular Conservatism launch, which she attended alongside her husband, billionaire luxury property tycoon Nick Candy, whom she wed in 2012.

Holly Valance, now Holly Candy
Holly Valance tied the knot with billionaire property tycoon Nick Candy in 2012 .(Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images for Rebecca Vallance)

Notably, Nick Candy has long been associated with the Conservative Party, having appeared in a picture taken at a notorious ‘lockdown’ Christmas Party at the Conservative Campaign Headquarters in December 2020.

Likewise, in June 2020 The Guardian reported that Candy had donated £100,000 to the Conservative Party in March 2020. He was also the leader of fundraising for the London mayoral campaign for Shaun Bailey, who also attended the December 2020 party.

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Reacting to the PopCon launch in an interview with GB News, Valance replied: “I would say that everyone starts off as a leftie and wakes up at some point after you start either making money, working, trying to run a business, trying to buy a home, and then realises what c**p ideas they all are. And then you go to the right.”

She then lauded the conference’s speakers as “fantastic,” adding that she found former prime minister Liz Truss “really interesting” to listen to.

“Jacob [Rees-Mogg] for PM,” she laughed. “The MP for Ashfield was awesome, love a northerner, straight to the point and very sensible, and for real people,” she added, in reference to former deputy Conservative Party chair Lee Anderson.

This isn’t the first time Holly Valance has been pictured socialising in right-wing circles. In April 2022, she made headlines after she and her husband were pictured with former US president Donald Trump and ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage. She also attended the Conservative Summer Party at the V&A in June 2022.

Farage shared the snap online, writing on X, formerly Twitter at the time: “Great dinner at Mar-a-Lago!”

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