Keep up to date with Stonewall’s work for gay equality

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Stonewall, the UK’s leading gay, lesbian and bisexual equality organisation is actively involved in a range of areas, from campaigning for legislation to working towards workplace equality, from media monitoring to tackling homophobia in schools.

Now you can keep up to date with Stonewall’s work by signing up to their monthly e-bulletin.

Sent straight to your inbox, it provides a regular update of progress in the charity’s vital work for justice and equality.

Stonewall’s campaigning has led to a catalogue of legislative changes.

It was instrumental in securing civil partnerships, an equal age of consent, protection from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation in employment and when accessing goods and services.

However, there is still much prejudice to overcome, and Stonewall continues to lobby, educate and campaign.

Stonewall continues to work with schools and police forces nationwide to tackle the issues of homophobic bullying, and homophobic hate-crimes.

And through its Diversity Champions programme, employers can work with Stonewall to promote lesbian, gay and bisexual equality in the workplace.

The e-bulletin contains information on all areas of Stonewall’s work as well as information about fundraising events and news from the charity’s branches in Scotland and Wales.

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