TV weatherman in trouble over homophobic outburst

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A popular television personality in Denmark is facing calls for his resignation after he expressed disgust at the idea of two men being in love.

Peter Tanev, who presents weather reports on the national channel TV2, made his comments during the evening news.

Anchor Jes Dorp, commenting on an American survey that indicated friendship grows stronger over time, in contrast to marriage, joked that he and the weather presenter might fall in love.

Mr Tanev reacted immediately: “Now that’s too much,” he said

“That’s pretty much disgusting.”

Danish TV2 told apologised for his comment.

It is not known if any action will be taken against Mr Tanev.

Some gay activists are calling for him to be sacked, while others would be content with an apology.

Denmark has a reputation for tolerance. The world’s first national gay lesbian organisation was formed there in 1948.

In 1989 Denmark was the first country in the world to introduce same-sex partnership laws.

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