Tourist denied entry to gay club because “he was black”

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The owner of a gay club in South Africa has offered to apologise to a Belgian tourist who said he was refused entry because he was black.

Bruno Bronn, who wasn’t on duty when the alleged incident occurred defended the club saying that staff were “far from racist.”

Tourist, Aridi Amipi was denied entry while his English, white friend was. Both bouncers were black but denied the tourist entry because of his attitude.

“If he feels wrongly treated I will apologise, but I know in my heart that it was a misunderstanding that was blown out of proportion,” Mr Bronn told the Cape Argus.

The country’s Commission for Gender Equality have intimated that it would refer the case to the Equality court.

Triangle Project’s Marlow Valentine told the newspaper: “If these businesses are perpetuating destructive cycles of marginalisation based on race and culture, then in essence we are supporting this by not speaking out by actively and proactively addressing these issues.”