Survey reveals extent of homophobic crime in Brighton

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It is often regarded as the most gay-friendly place in the UK, but new research has revealed that transphobic and homophobic crime are a fact of life for many in Brighton.

The Count Me In survey by Dr Kath Browne, from the University of Brighton, and the Spectrum forum, revealed that 73% of lesbian, bisexual, trans or gay residents have been the victim of a hate crime.

The same number said they avoid public displays of affection.

25% of hate crime victims reported it to someone. This included the police, council, community organisations and others.

Count Me In Too is a partnership between Spectrum LGBT Community Forum and the University of Brighton, supported by Brighton and Sussex Community Knowledge Exchange with additional funding provided by the Brighton Hove Primary Care Trust.

An estimated 35,000 LGBT people live in Brighton.

Chief Superintendent Paul Pearce of Sussex police told the BBC:

“Count Me In Too does not contain any real surprises but it does provide firm evidence to support what we have previously only assumed.

“It is encouraging that the majority of people surveyed felt the police had improved over the last five years but there are still opportunities for improvement.

“We will continue to strive to address issues to make LGBT people feel safer by listening to the concerns of LGBT people and working with them to develop the service we provide.”