Bi and lesbian women’s net communities studied

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A London university is looking at the role that internet communities have in the lives of lesbian and bisexual women and how this may relate to health and well being.

Researchers at London Metropolitan University are asking for women to take part in an online survey as part of the study, which will also consider if message boards function as a sense of community or social support.

The survey, which can be accessed here, takes around five minutes to complete.

In the next phase of the study the research team will be conducting a series of interviews and are keen for bi and lesbian women to take part.

“I encourage you to send in your email address to take part in this part of the research as well as the online survey.

“It is with those interviews that detailed discussion about the meaning of the internet, and the meaning of the internet community as a resource, as a ‘space’, can be explored from the perspective of the lesbian/bisexual community,” researcher Jo Semlyen told

Last year Stonewall, the gay equality organisation, conducted the world’s biggest survey of lesbian and bisexual women’s health.

A detailed report about their findings, including regional breakdowns, is expected in the next few month.