US shock jock claims Democrats will “bend over” for gays

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Rush Limbaugh—either that or his sound-bytes are getting increasingly weak—but the conservative Talk Radio host hit a home run this week when he told a caller “Democrats will bend over, grab the ankles, and say have your way with me” to black and gay voters.

According to Media Matters, the conversation started when a caller wanted to know why the Republican Party was willing to say goodbye to their conservative voter base—30 percent of the voting block, the caller opined.

Limbaugh answered back, and it wasn’t pretty.

“You want to know why the Republicans are willing to say, ‘Screw you,’ to 30 percent or more of their voters and yet Democrats will bend over, grab the ankles, and say, ‘Have your way with me,’ for 10 percent and 2 percent of the population?”

The caller—who said African-Americans and gay men and women make up 12 and 10 percent of the population, respectively—urged Limbaugh to continue.

Limbaugh went on to suggest, “these kooks—and I’m not talking about just the blacks, I’m talking about a whole kook-fringe base”—have influence because they have money. ”

Media Matters dug further into Limbaugh’s long history of using his ‘bending over’ analogy as an insult aimed at politicians.

In 2005, the site reported, Limbaugh used it to attack former Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman for his planned apology at the annual NAACP convention for the GOP backed ‘Southern Strategy’, which started under former President Richard Nixon as a way to use race as a campaign wedge issue.

“He’s going to go down there and apologise for it,” Limbaugh said. “In the midst of all of this—in the midst of all that’s going on—once again, Republicans are going to go bend over and grab the ankles.”

Back in January, Limbaugh launched a full scale verbal attack on John McCain, saying he refused to support the Republican presidential hopeful “no matter what.”

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