Emmerdale Spoilers: Viv comes face-to-face with Freddie

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Donna finds out about a possible sighting of Freddie and tells Viv. Viv is beside herself with this news and immediately wants to hire the services of the private investigator again. Bob point blank refuses and Viv’s left wondering where she can get the cash from to hire Rebecca secretly.

In desperation she does something terrible – she cashes in the twins’ savings.

She then meets Rebecca and pays her for a recording of Freddie confessing to setting Viv up. Surely, that’s worth the risk for Viv?

But things then get a little more sinister in the dales. When Rebecca leaves, Freddie turns up and Viv attacks him. She makes a run for the police station with the tape recording but Freddie catches her up and a stand off ensues. Will Viv manage to get to the police or will Freddie make life even harder for her?

Later in the week, Viv makes a tearful confession to Bob that she once shared a kiss with Freddie. She also tells him that she was blackmailed by Louise. Now the truth is out, how will Bob react?

Jo starts her first day at the Woolpack. She’s soon a hit and manages to get plenty of attention from the punters. This brings out the green-eyed monster in both Jasmine and Andy. So successful is her debut in the pub that Diane persuades her to stay after hours for a celebratory drink. Andy’s not at all happy about this and his mood darkens when Jo later turns up at home in a drunken mess. She’s even sick in the barn.

When the young lass wakes the next day she finds that her arms are covered in bruises. Andy tells her that she got them while in her drunken state the previous evening. Jo doubts his story, but unable to remember anything about the night before, she’s forced to stay quiet.

Andy then drops the bombshell that he wants her to quit her job at the Woolpack. Will she follow his orders?

Terry is regretting letting the factory operate in the basement of the B&B. Tensions mount when he catches Lisa emerging from one of the guestroom toilets. As if that’s not bad enough, the factory workers later start singing and disturbing the guests. Terry tells Viv that he can stand it no longer. Will he turf the workers out?

Louise and Jamie return from their hols, but their loved-up bliss doesn’t last long. Firstly, Louise is not at all happy about the factory arrangements. Secondly, Bob confronts her about blackmailing Viv. What will Jamie say when he finds out?

Nicola finds herself having to look after a poorly Gabby. But when a game of hide and seek loses Nicola a sale, she takes Gabby over to the B&B to play with TJ. She leaves Rodney’s book with Terry in a bid to keep the kids quiet.

Terry is impressed with the book and later raves about it in the pub, much to Rodney’s embarrassment.

Terry even goes so far as to say that the book is worth publishing. This gives Nicola food for thought. Has she stumbled on another money-making scheme? And will she manage to stay honest this time?
Emmerdale Spoilers: Viv comes face-to-face with Freddie