EastEnders: Roxy and Sean announce shock wedding

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Last week Roxy fled hundreds of miles away to Devon to escape the clutches of psychotic lunatic Sean. This week, they’re getting married. Yes you read that correctly. Next week, it will probably be: Sean who? Such is the fickle nature of glamour-puss Roxy Mitchell.

That said, if ever there was a woman mad enough to marry Sean it is Roxy. The crazy couple try desperately to keep their nuptials a secret from, well, just about everyone including Roxy’s sister Ronnie and Sean’s mum Jean. But that was never going to happen was it? When Stacey sees Roxy wearing a 1980s style wedding dress the cat’s let out of the bag and before you know what is happening, everyone knows and Jean is inconsolable because her only son doesn’t want her at his wedding. We can’t think why.

As is the tradition for a Walford wedding it’s customary for the groom to go awol just before the nuptials and Sean doesn’t disappoint. Roxy eventually catches up with him at Pat’s where he reveals his true fear: that their baby could end up like his mum. Hasn’t he forgotten something even more worrying? The baby could end up like him – a far worse fate. Will they, won’t they? It’s anyone’s guess but you can bet that someone will burst through the church doors at the eleventh hour with some scandalous news to shock the congregation.

Elsewhere, there’s a slow-burning chemistry sizzling between Phil and Shirley. Admittedly its not overt, blink and you’d miss it but there is definitely more than friendship in the air between these two. This becomes even more apparent when she encourages Phil’s son Ben to follow his heart and perform his dance routine in a show at the community centre, much to Phil’s dismay. Has Phil finally met his match?

However Shirley can’t help feeling a bit jealous when Ben lets it slip that his dad has been seeing someone else. Trying her best to act unaffected, it is clear that Shirley’s feelings for Phil are deeper than she thought. What will she do? And will Phil ever put his macho image aside and support his son’s dancing?

Elsewhere, Dawn and Jase have a heart to heart about what Jase has been up to. He’s not in a good way but he won’t reveal anything to Dawn. However even Dawn, who’s not exactly a rocket scientist, has guessed by now that Jase’s line of work isn’t exactly legit. After a blazing row Dawn runs out heart-broken. She just wants a normal life and family, but will Jase ever come round to her way of thinking?

Jase confides in son Jay that he feels he has let his family down yet again and thinks they will be better off without. Jay convinces him to take him as well and they both start packing. Just before he leaves Jase goes to the Vic to ask a friend to look after Dawn when who should walk in but Dawn herself. She knows he is about to run out on her because he thinks he’s no good so in a shock decision she announces to the entire Vic that her and Jase are to be married. Will Dawn’s plan to make an honest man out of Jase work? Or is she making a huge mistake?