Emmerdale: Gray lashes out at Katie

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Gray is not in a good way at all this week. Chas heads over to see him and finds him in a very drunken and sorry state. She tells Diane that she thinks he may be suicidal. Diane’s fears are confirmed when she too goes to see Gray and is appalled by his self-loathing state.

Over at the café, Chas spots Jonny and thanks him for helping out Katie. It’s pretty clear to her that Jonny has other things on his mind – he’s really missing Paul. He tells Chas that he thinks it’s time he left the village, without his hubby. Will he go through with it?

Meanwhile, Diane tries to convince Paul to help Gray, but he’s forced to drop a bombshell. He tells Diane that he and Gray have a history together. Diane’s jaw hits the floor.

Gray is also feeling bad about the problems he’s caused between Paul and Jonny. He apologises to Paul and their reconciliatory embrace is spotted by Jonny. Oh dear, that’s just going to complicate matters isn’t it?

Later in the week, Gray becomes determined to find out Perdy’s whereabouts. He forces his way into Victoria cottage and demands that Katie tell him where she is. Katie’s refusal to say anything infuriates him and he launches a physical attack on the girl.

Luckily, Paul is on hand to intervene and drags Gray out on to the street.

A good public spat will always draw onlookers and sure enough the villagers gather to gawp. They’re soon getting more than they bargained for when it’s publicly revealed that Paul and Gray have slept together. What on earth will this mean for their futures?

Carl certainly has things on his mind too – namely Anna. He’s secretly becoming very attracted to her. He’s totally unaware that over at Home Farm, Lexi is trying to get Jimmy to help her win Carl back.

But Carl soon becomes fed-up with Anna at the business. She seems to have far too many opinions on how to improve things. So a cunning Carl suggests that she take one of the trucks out, knowing full well that it’s run out of petrol.

Unsurprisingly, Anna breaks down but is soon rescued by Matthew, who relishes finding out who this mystery woman is. He gives her a lift back to the village and on the way they hatch a plan for Anna to get her own back on Carl.

Carl is not best pleased with the union of Anna and Matthew, as you can imagine. What other plans will Carl draw up to get Anna’s attention?

Elsewhere in the dales this week, David offers to clean Rodney’s house for free as he spots an opportunity to grab the manuscript. But things don’t quite work out as expected when he fails to find it.

It isn’t long before he gets another chance though, when a grateful Rodney offers to cook dinner for David to say thank you for the spring clean. David gets a little further with his plan this time, but he soon discovers that Rodney isn’t necessarily the great author he thought he was.

Daz gets himself into a lot of hot water too. He succumbs to peer pressure and takes Anna’s car out for an unauthorised spin. Anna is not best pleased and Debbie is left with no choice but to fire the lad.

Still eager for a little more fun, it’s not long before Daz and Jake spot that one of the King’s vans has been left unattended. A further joyriding stint ends in disaster for the young lads.

Emmerdale: Gray lashes out at Katie