“Orthodox Christians” target EuroPride churches

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A pastor in Stockholm has revealed that three Lutheran churches in the city have been targeted by vandals, apparently because they are supporting EuroPride.

The gay event is being held in the Swedish capital this week.

“Yesterday morning we discovered that our church had been covered in flyers with texts saying that homosexuality was wrong . Two other churches in Stockholm also had the same thing,” the pastor of one of the churches, Gunilla Linden, told AFP.

“There were direct references to Europride, but also against female pastors and loud music and dancing.”

Her church is hosting a EuroPride information tent in the grounds.

None of the churches was damaged. Instead flyers from a group calling themselves “Orthodox Christians” were scattered around the grounds and attached to the exterior of the buildings.

The Swedish Church, a Lutheran branch of Christianity, claims more than 7 million members out of a population of 9 million.

The flyers have been reported to Stockholm police, who have had two incidents of homophobic violence to deal with in the last four days.

In the early hours of this morning two gay men were attacked outside a 7-Eleven store at 4.20am.

Their three assailants mocked their sexuality and mentioned EuroPride.

A late night attack on a gay couple on Sunday was also deemed homophobic in nature – one of the men was stabbed in the stomach.