Emmerdale: Jo feels the force of Andy’s wrath again

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The friendship between Sam and Jo seems to be blooming, when Jo invites him for lunch. Sam is delighted and even goes as far as to buy a new shirt for their “date”. But the joyful mood doesn’t last long.

Andy surprises Jo by arriving home early from his break so she desperately cancels the lunch with Sam. An upset Sam tries to convince her to reconsider, but he oversteps the mark when he moves in for a kiss. Jo puts him in his place in no uncertain terms.

Sam manages to get out of the way just before Andy arrives home from Diane’s. He accuses Jo of blabbing to Sam behind his back. The hostile young man takes out his anger on Jo by physically beating her. And if that’s not enough violence, he then goes on the hunt for Sam and attacks him too.

When things calm down, Andy does what he always does, he tries to apologise to his wife. But his excuses appear to fall on deaf ears this time.

Later in the week, Sam hears what’s happened to Jo and pays her a visit. Spotting her doubling up in pain while lifting sacks, he takes her to the hospital. Once there, Jo denies that Andy had anything to do with her injuries. Sam is beside himself with anger, especially when the doctor suspects she has broken ribs.

Andy arrives at the hospital and, understandably, Sam makes a sharp exit. But later at home, Andy accuses his wife of telling the doctor what really happened. Jo denies this and fed up of the conversation she heads out. Bumping into Sam, she accuses him of interfering in her private life. Oh dear, how will this mess be sorted out? Will Jo eventually see sense and leave violent Andy?

Elsewhere in the dales, Debbie offers Daz his job back, but he can’t start straight away, so she’s forced to ask the Dingles to repay Belle’s school fees to cover her mortgage. Zak eventually comes to the rescue and gives her £1,500 with a promise that there’s more to come. Debbie suggests that Zak come and work on the cabs. Lisa thinks this is a great idea. But what will Zak say?

During a conversation about the state of Debbie’s finances, Jake admits that he and Daz stole the Kings’ van and have the loot to prove it. Jasmine voices concerns about selling the Kings’ stuff before Debbie points out that it will save her having to put up the rent. The three of them head to the crash site to recover the booty.

The Kings are busy wondering where £20,000 worth of goods has disappeared to. They are very suspicious of all villagers and agree to keep an eye out for anyone splashing cash around.

Meanwhile, Lily tries to sell a razor to Paddy. That immediately raises suspicions. She’s forced to admit to Paddy and Chas that the razors came from an abandoned van. Chas spots an opportunity for her family and quickly informs the Dingle clan about the van. This lot don’t waste any time in stripping the vehicle of its contents – shortly before Jake, Debbie and Jasmine arrive.

With more and more of their merchandise cropping up in the village, the Kings are determined to find the culprits. But will they get to the bottom of this one?

Over at the factory, the workers aren’t at all happy when Pollard gives them jobs at the launch, while he mingles with guests. Pearl is bemused when she overhears Pollard telling guests that he’s advertising for a new workforce. News gets around fast and he’s soon got an angry mob on his hands, demanding to know what’s going on. It seems that Pollard’s expecting everyone to apply for their own jobs. What on earth will they say to that news?
Emmerdale: Jo feels the force of Andy’s wrath again