Emmerdale Spoilers: Jimmy and Nicola – together at last?

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The Wyldes decide that Belle isn’t the kind of friend they want for Will and so they ban him from seeing her. When Belle wants to know why Nathan lies and says it’s because Will hates her – and she is distraught.

However, when things don’t work out at getting some school friends to come over, Belle’s services come in handy when she encourages a group of boys to play computer games with them – and all is forgiven.

Meanwhile there is something brewing at the Wyldes – Home Farm is being spied on by a mystery person who seems to have something to do with Mark. He claims he feels like he is living in a goldfish bowl and they made a mistake moving to Emmerdale. What is he hiding and why is he so keen to get security fitted?

Meanwhile, Aaron arranges another liaison with Victoria and is confident he’ll have his wicked way. They meet in Tug Ghyll after Aaron steals the key to Debbie’s house. But things get out of hand and Aaron ends up trashing the house. Aaron lies to Daz and says the two of them had sex but Daz is relieved to hear from Victoria that he was lying. But Daz is floored when she admits he is the only person she loves enough to sleep with. Things get more complicated at a family meal when Victoria is pleased to be in Daz’s company – but he is getting more confused.
The villagers decide to lend a helping hand with the Jimmy and Nicola romance and after lying to them both eventually get them together . However, Sandy and Doug’s fake love letter to Nicola has a profound effect – resulting in Nicola falling straight into Jimmy’s arms, and agreeing to move in with him! How will he tell the others at Mill Cottage?
Edna notices damp in her house stemming from Tug Ghyll and informs the Dingles that there’s a problem at Debbie’s. Closer inspection reveals that place has been trashed and flooded – and Zak wrongly accuses Andy. Feeling guilty, Zak orders the entire Dingle family to overhaul the house before Debbie gets out of prison.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Jimmy and Nicola – together at last?