Hollyoaks: Jack returns from the dead

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Darren is starting to seriously panic about the inquest into Jack’s death. That’s understandable, isn’t it? They might find out he’s not actually dead.

When Ruth returns for the funeral, Darren starts to feel like he’s in way over his head with this scheme.

Over at Il Gnosh, Tony’s trying to stop Myra from taking over while he’s at the funeral. The only way out of this is to take her along. At the wake, talk turns to the local villains that Jack arrested during his time as a copper in Chester. Myra’s forced to recall a part of her history she’d rather have kept quiet.

Once the funeral is out of the way, Darren is enormously relieved. But this feeling doesn’t last long. He has to try to hide his alarm when he spots Frankie throwing away all of Jack’s possessions.

Meanwhile, Newt is seriously panicking at the thought that he actually killed Jack. He eventually confesses to the “murder” and locks himself in his bedroom. What a typical teenager!

Frankie and Darren desperately try to coax him out of the room. It only gets worse when Frankie decides to get to the bottom of things and announces that she wants Jack’s body exhumed. Darren’s got his work cut out trying to persuade her not to do this. Little does she know, there’s no body to exhume.

Later in the week, Darren tells Frankie it’s time to make a claim on Jack’s life insurance. But she’s still preoccupied with the thought that Newt planted the bombs. She continues with her determined plan to have Jack’s body examined. Darren tells her that things aren’t that simple, and she demands to know why. Her question is soon answered when out of the shadows steps none other than Jack himself. How on earth will she react?
The Valentine’s are having a tough week too. Sasha’s heroin fix is wearing off and she’s desperate for Calvin to get her more drugs. When Calvin later spots Nige dealing drugs, he lets him off but confiscates the heroin he was selling.

Eddie is later shocked to find the wrap of heroin in Calvin’s coat pocket. He confronts Calvin about it and admits that he’s undecided about whether to report him. When Leo and Carmel find out what’s been going on, they are fuming. Realising the price he’s going to have to pay because of his attempts to help his sister, Calvin decides that it’s time for some tough love.

The family unite to help Sasha get through cold turkey and rid herself of heroin forever. But Calvin’s woes are far from over. He’s alarmed when he finds out that Warren has CCTV footage of him buying heroin. Oh dear, what will Warren do with that?

Steph finally hears Max’s will this week. Cindy is furious when she finds out that she’s been left nothing. But Max has made sure that Steph’s well taken care of. This causes quite a bit of friction between the girls until things come to a head and they realise that they need to agree to a truce for Holly’s sake.

Elliott still can’t quite believe that Sarah wants to go on a date with him. He’s convinced that she’s going to change her mind at any time. Things aren’t made any easier when Zak winds Elliott up by telling him that Sarah probably has expensive tastes because she’s a model. Where will Elliott take her?

While planning a holiday together, Zoe is shocked to discover that Mike intends to bring Amy and Leah along too – happy families!

Hollyoaks: Jack returns from the dead