Israeli professor indicted for incitement to anti-gay violence

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Hilleil Weiss, a Bar-llan university professor, has been indicted for public homophobic remarks made regarding Jerusalem Pride 2005.

Professor Weiss said in an interview two weeks before Jerusalem’s Pride parade: ‘This abomination should be expelled from the Holy City by any means necessary.’

There were later violent protests at the pride parade, in which a marcher was stabbed.

Professor Weiss is also indicted on a second count of incitement to violence. These comments were recorded on tape during the forced removal of two Jewish families from West Bank city’s marketplace in August 2007.

Professor Weiss said to IDF’s Hebron Bridage Commander, Colonel Yehuda Fuchs:

‘May your mother be bereaved, your wife be widowed, your children be orphaned and may you be struck down in the next war and any memory of you be erased.’