Israeli gays fear incitement

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Israeli gay campaigners have complained to police about homophobic incitement as opposition to the upcoming WorldPride march grows.

Religious groups and right wing conservative politicians have expressed their ‘disgust’ towards the gay pride march since the Jerusalem police, State Prosecution, the Jerusalem Municipality, the high court and gay rights groups agreed that it could take place on November 10.

A protest was held by religious Jews last week who threatened to use biblical punishments against those attending the parade, these include stoning participants to death.

One of the complaints relates to a statement made by Baruch Marzel after he threatened violence if the event goes ahead, “There will be a holy war against [the parade]. We will do everything to disrupt the parade.”

Director-General of the Open House, Noa Satath, told Ynet News: “These are vile attempts to sabotage the High Court’s decision in violent ways.”

Opposition has also been expressed from senior rabbis and public figures in Israel as well as the UK and US, echoing the tension caused during the summer’s WorldPride event, where the march was cancelled because of the Lebanon conflict.