LGBT police consultation group under threat

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Aurora, Corydon’s LGBT police consultation group, is facing closure due to a lack of local support.

The group, which works to represent LGBT issues to the Croydon Police Community Group, will hold a meeting on 9th September, at which a motion to close it will be debated.

According to the Aurora’s Procedures:

‘Aurora may dissolve itself if the same motion for dissolution is passed by two consecutive main meetings, having been published at least 28 days before each meeting, and having been debated and passed by a two-thirds majority vote at both meetings.

‘If Aurora has funds, the motion must specify how those funds will be disbursed for aims similar to those of Aurora.’

Some members of the group approve of its close. Local LGBT people are entitled to vote at the meeting.

Aurora’s Roger Burg told

‘The Police are concerned that we haven’t got enough people from the community on board.

‘We work hard to get everyone involved but it is difficult.

‘We have done a great deal of work with a lot of people; we have done work for trans people, for asylum seekers and for the Asian community.

‘Our problem is getting people to be active.

‘We have plenty of people who support us, but around four or five that come to meetings.

‘Essentially, the police want to see faces, and members of Aurora are concerned about that too.’

Aurora launched the Aurora School Bullying Project in July 2008. The project concentrates on understanding diversity, and valuing each student for who they are, with a view to reducing bullying and allowing students to achieve more.