Gay marriage opponents join forces in Connecticut

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A coalition of same-sex marriage opponents and taxpayer groups is trying to persuade voters to pass a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

The Family Institute of Connecticut wants a system of direct initiative, in which people can petition to get issues onto the ballot, because it hopes voters will eventually pass a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage .

Connecticut voters will be asked on 4th November whether to hold a constitutional convention.

Under the state constitution, the question goes on the ballot only every 20 years.

So far, though, the Connecticut Constitution Convention Campaign has raised only $1,110 (£597).

Matthew Daly, of Glastonbury, who is heading the convention campaign, said he is not worried about the lack of funding.

“Our fundraising has been slow, which kind of goes hand in hand for this time of year.

“I’m not surprised. If we’re where we are by the end of September, then I will be concerned”, he said.

If a majority vote “yes” in November, a convention will be held consisting of people appointed by the General Assembly.

There, advocates can recommend that the state change its constitution to allow citizens to petition issues onto the ballot.

Anne Stanback, president of the group Love Makes A Family, said her group, which supports same-sex marriage, is urging people to vote no, and plans to contribute money to the effort.

“It’s the legislators who will be deciding who the delegates are,” Ms Stanback said.

“They will be the ones who decide what questions get raised in the convention and if anything happens at all.”