EastEnders: Honey leaves Billy

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Honey and Billy were never the most believable of couples. Billy first appeared on our screens as the distant cousin of Grant and Phil Mitchell. He was also the abusive uncle of young Jamie Mitchell and wasn’t exactly doting father or husband material. His transformation from cowardly bully of children to cowardly family man required a substantial suspension of belief on behalf of the audience. When he finally got hitched to Honey it seemed an unlikely coupling to say the least.

Over the past few months, Billy and Honey’s relationship has struggled to stay afloat. This week it finally grinds to a halt as Honey packs her bags, gathers the children and bids farewell to the Square for good.

The straw that finally breaks the camel’s back is when Honey discovers an envelope stashed full of money that Billy had promised to post to a children’s charity. In Billy’s defence he had saved the money to give to recently orphaned Jay, but Honey doesn’t wait around to listen to his reasons. She tells him that he’s promised her he’d never lie to her again and now she can no longer trust him. What will Billy do now Honey and his children have deserted him?

Elsewhere, there is more marital strife afoot for golden couple Bradley and Stacey in the shape of Walford newcomer Callum. He’s made it clear to Stacey that he fancies her and she has made it equally clear that she doesn’t fancy him. Or does she?

The whole situation is made ten times worse when Bradley befriends ladies man, Callum and invites him to his James Bond themed birthday bash. Stacey is mortified but she is even more upset when she discovers that he has asked Danielle to go to the party with him as his date. Does Stacey have feelings for him after all?

At Bradley’s party things really start to heat up between Stacey and Callum when he steals her away for a dance. But when he starts getting too flirty Stacey pulls away and he goes back to Danielle for a dance, leaving Stacey wishing she was still in his arms. Will Stacey be able to resist Callum’s charms or will she cave in to temptation?
Meanwhile, Jack, Tanya and the girls arrive back from their holiday. Tanya is far from pleased to find Suzy, the sister of Max and Jack, working behind the counter in Booties. Furious, she tells the brassy blonde to sling her hook and pays her off for the work she’s done. Needless to say, Suzy is not too impressed and Tanya quickly retracts the decision when Jack reminds her that sacking Suzy is not the way to keep Max on side. Will Jack and Tanya finally settle down into family life? Or has Max got other plans?

Elsewhere, Dawn struggles to come to terms with the fact the she must face a life without Jase and is finding it really hard. Garry offers her a shoulder to cry on and tells her that he is there for her should she need him. At first she ignores him but later in the week she mistakes his friendliness for flirtation and offers herself to him.

Ordinarily this would be all of Garry’s Christmases come at once, but it seems he does have some morals and doesn’t want to take advantage of her confused state, so he tells her to put her clothes on. Phew! We think Dawn might have regretted that one in the morning!
EastEnders: Honey leaves Billy