Hollyoaks: Kieron’s heartbroken after split with John Paul

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The day that the Osborne’s have been waiting for has finally arrived. The insurance payout is due and their debts can be cleared. But the stress of keeping all the secrets of late, and of course pretending he’s dead, gives Jack an angina attack. But how can you call an ambulance out to someone who’s supposed to be dead?

Frankie and Steph desperately want to call the emergency services as Jack’s condition deteriorates but Darren is reluctant. Are these schemers about to have their secrets uncovered?

Elsewhere in Hollyoaks, Kieron is upset when he spots John Paul hugging recent returnee and ex-boyfriend Craig.

Kieron is obviously feeling a little insecure about his relationship because he wants John Paul to prove his love by marrying him the following week. Sadly for Kieron, John Paul just isn’t up for a wedding. When Kieron asks him whether this means that their relationship is over, his boyfriend’s silence speaks volumes.

Kieron spends the rest of the week heartbroken and desperately tries to get in touch with John Paul. Myra decides to stick her beak in and takes matters into her own hands. She goes to visit Kieron to have a chat with him. But Kieron is stunned when he spots a photograph of Myra’s son…who he recognises is Niall!

As all this is going on, John Paul is otherwise engaged. He is blissfully happy to be back in Craig’s arms. But his happiness is about to be shattered when he decides that he has to visit Kieron – he’s totally oblivious to the horror that’s about to unfold.

Michaela is causing mischief as usual this week. She thinks that she’s being a great support to her best friend Amy, but in actual fact, she’s driving her absolutely mad. Amy is worried what the folk of Chester are going to say when they find out that she’s pregnant again.

Michaela is busy concerning herself with Amy’s dad, Mike. She’s incredibly jealous of his relationship with Zoë, especially when she hears that the two of them are heading off on a romantic break. Michaela thinks that if she just tells Mike that she loves him then he’ll take her instead. Sounds like she’s setting herself up for a whole lot of heartache!

Jacqui is having a bad week. She’s struggling to cope now that she’s had to give up baby Max. She just can’t seem to find enough to do to fill her days. When she starts driving Tony nuts, he bans her from the kitchens of Il Gnosh. But he does come up with a solution for her. He suggests that she could go and help out over at the launderette – Washed Up. The problem is that Jacqui reads far more into this offer than was intended and tells Tony that he has to go over to the launderette pronto and tell Mike that he’s got a new boss. Oh dear, sounds like there could be some fireworks there!
Hollyoaks: Kieron’s heartbroken after split with John Paul