THT launches low cost counselling service for gay men

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Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) is launching a new counselling service for gay and bisexual men that will cost as little as £25.

Based in King’s Cross, each session lasts 50 minutes and courses range from a few sessions to 12 or more.

Fees are based on income and range from £25 to £40. Couples sessions which cost £50 can also be booked so partners can explore issues together. The service starts on 3rd September.

Christine Mead, Manager of THT’s Wellbeing Services, said:

“Many people find that talking to someone about their lives can help them to make positive changes.

“Counselling sessions can be used to discuss anything from problems at home or work, to drug or alcohol use or sexual risk-taking.”

The service “allows men to explore difficulties or challenges in their lives, make sense of experiences and find solutions or coping mechanisms when faced with problems.”

‘Connect’ counselling. Call 020 7812 1777 to make an appointment, or email [email protected]