Video: Teenage coming out movie wins short film award

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A quirky short film by gay teenagers about coming out has won the Best Film category in the first Kino Kids Film Festival in Kent.

The three minute comedy, By The Way, I’m Gay, was made by an initiative run by Kent Youth Service for the LGBT community.

A Boyz’n’Girlz and Junk production, it uses short scenes, shot in black and white, to tackle some of the issues gay teens and their friends face.

The festival was created by production company Maeve Films and run by filmmakers Elaine Wickham and Jan Dunn.

The multi-award winning production company made the critically acclaimed lesbian indie hit Gypo in 2006.

“What’s great about By The Way I’m Gay was not only that it was made by young people themselves but also that it was made with a light-hearted tone,” said Ms Dunne.

“We’ve been shocked that although the film was made for school’s debate, it has hardly been booked by any schools because apparently it’s too controversial, but all we saw was a comedy made by young people about being gay, it’s quite bizarre that anyone would consider it controversial.

“We were delighted to have been invited to host the Kino Kids Film Festival event and even more delighted that a gay film won Best Film category, we are biased towards the subject matter but the film won entirely on merit.”

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