RuPaul’s Drag Race star Katya returns to social media following treatment, and fans are gagged

The Drag Race star has returned to socials. (Getty)

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Katya has returned to social media after undergoing addiction treatment, to the delight of fans.

The performer – full drag name, Katerina Petrovna Zamolodchikova – recently confirmed that her The Bald and the Beautiful tour dates with co-star Trixie Mattel are to “proceed as planned” after she checked into a treatment facility last month. 

On 30 April, Katya took to X (formerly Twitter) in a social media update to share her possible new “Drag name: Perry Menopausal.”

Fans flooded the comments section to embrace the star’s return with open arms, saying: “we’re so BACK !!”, “welcome back!!!”, and “Hi queen we missed your presence”. Others took the opportunity to throw their own hilarious drag names into the mix.

Katya did not provide an explicit update on her health in the new posts, and fans should offer her privacy at this time. 

The star previously revealed that she was checking into treatment on 10 April whilst navigating struggles with addiction and needed to postpone her tour with Mattel. However, on 25 April, she explained that stops in Cincinnati, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana, will “proceed as planned”.

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“We want to thank each of you sincerely for your kindness and patience as Katya continues to prioritise her health,” the statement, shared by the pair’s touring team, read.

“We are thrilled to be returning with the shows and can’t wait to see you in the audience soon.”

In her original statement via a video message posted to her Instagram, Katya assured fans that she was taking steps to look after herself as she continues to live with addiction struggles.

“There’s a saying for the active alcohol or drug addict. The trajectory of the life course has three possible outcomes: A) jail B) institutions or C) death. Unfortunately, I find myself squarely and firmly and quite uncomfortably in the B camp right now,” she said at the time.

“But in an effort to make things good with you in the future, I gotta make things good for me right now,” she said. Rescheduled dates or loss of money will be rectified as swiftly and competently as possible. I gotta swiftly and competently rectify my a** right now. Thank you so much for your patience and compassion.”