Emmerdale: Will a suspected heart attack be the end of Donald?

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Donald starts off the week pointing out how he’s treated Carl like a son. Carl quickly makes it clear that he’s been far better to Donald than Anna has. Sadly for Carl though, blood’s thicker than water and Donald hands him a cheque for half a million pounds to buy him out of the business.

Mixing family with business is never easy. Donald later manages to get into an argument with Anna as she insists that she’ll never be good enough for her father. As she rants about running his business, she watches on in horror as Donald slumps to the floor, clutching his chest. Terrified her dad’s having a heart attack, Anna calls for an ambulance. But will Donald survive?

Already at the hospital is Donna. Marlon confides in Ashley that he’s worried about her anxiety and panic attacks. Ashley agrees to have a chat with Donna about it all. But he gets more than he bargains for when Donna opens up to him. She reveals that she feels alone and fearful following the crash. She claims that the only person who understands her is Ross. Ashley asks whether her feelings for Ross run deeper and Donna is forced to admit that she’s just not sure.

Ashley tells Ross that Donna needs his support. Ross does as advised and heads off to visit Donna at the hospital. He tells her that he knows they can never be more than friends. But will the two of them be able to stick to this promise?

Andy and Jo are still having relationship woes too. Katie visits Andy and tells him that Jo is spreading vicious rumours around the village about him. She says that Debbie asked her whether Andy ever hit her when they were together. Andy’s outraged, but grateful for Katie’s loyalty.

Andy’s fuming and when Jo arrives home it looks as though his violent temper is about to do its worst. Terrified that she’s about to get a beating, Jo thinks on her feet and lies to Andy, telling him that she’s pregnant.

Her fibs do the trick and he immediately calms down – he’s clearly delighted by the news. It’s not long before Jo’s little white lie gets out of hand as Andy books her a doctor’s appointment and the villagers start congratulating her. How will Jo get herself out of this sticky situation?

Elsewhere in the dales, Nicola is still scheming. She’s excited about the book reading, but she’s oblivious to the fact that Rodney’s starting to get suspicious.

Belle tells Rodney that her class has been invited to a reading of Rollercoaster Rod – which he’s understandably quite confused about. He can’t believe it when Belle shows him the flyer for the reading and on it there’s a picture of Nicola and David along with Rollercoaster Rod. Rodney’s fuming, but how will he exact revenge on his devious daughter? It’s going to be an interesting week! Will Nicola finally get her comeuppance?
Emmerdale: Will a suspected heart attack be the end of Donald?